Staying safe in the city- using London’s night buses and tube services

London is well known for its exciting night life and plethora of chic and sophisticated clubs and bars. Whether you’re in the city to celebrate a special occasion, such as a milestone birthday or anniversary, or whether you’re just heading into London to enjoy a night out with your friends, it’s a destination that’s perfect for a night to remember.

london tubeStaying safe whilst you’re out partying is admittedly usually the last thing on anyone’s mind when the vodka train is sitting in front of you, however it’s important not to let your common sense be extinguished by alcohol. Before you leave, it’s a important to plan your return journey home so that you don’t compromise your safety trying to drunkenly hail a cab. If you intend to use taxis though, ensure that you use a registered firm that is licensed as a hackney carriage.  If you haven’t booked accommodation it might be wise to look into it, especially if you’re planning a late night- there are often paddington court executive rooms packages to be had if you book online ahead of travelling.

Another travel option that is available to people enjoying the city’s nightlife, is to take the night tube home. Many of London’s most used lines are now running throughout the night too, including the Jubilee line, the Piccadilly line and the Northern line. Even better is that day tickets purchased for the tube will run right until 4.29am the following day, meaning that if you have already purchased one, you won’t need to think about ensuring you have cash to get back to your hotel after a crazy night out. The tube is a convenient way to travel for many visitors to the city because lots of the popular accommodation choices- the Park Grand Paddington Court, for example, are serviced well by the lines. Meaning if you do happen to indulge in one too many, it won’t be long before you’re right back at your hotel and ready to fall into bed.

Some bus services will also run throughout the night too, giving night revellers more choice when it comes to getting back safely, although it’s still imperative to plan your route before travelling to prevent any unnecessary hanging around in the dark. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s also good practise to try, where possible, to travel with a friend or in a group, as doing so will also make you feel less vulnerable in a new city.

Staying on the issue of safety, tourists in the city, will be pleased to know that with longer underground operating times, police presence will also be increased meaning that travelling at night should be as safe as possible, whichever mode of public transport you decide upon.

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