Saturday markets in the city of London

Markets make a city complete, with the proliferation of supermarkets across most cities in Europe, markets are becoming a little old fashioned. But we find that visiting markets in a new city on holiday, can make you appreciate the finer subtleties behind a city’s culture. Not only that, but you can end up purchasing some unique items worth gifting and even keeping. It’s a shame that markets today are becoming less and less popular in general.

marketsBut luckily, London has still managed to retain its spectacular variety of markets. Some of them include Portobello Market, Church Street Market, Camden Market, and Brick Lane Market. The latter of which is particularly prominent for its range of niche items and delightful range of street food. Naturally, many tourists choose to end up visiting Brick Lane market, but many don’t. Not too far from these markets, guests will find the Paddington Court executive room packages available from the Hotels Paddington station London has to offer. The Paddington courtrooms hotel comes with high ratings.

We hope you don’t make the same mistake because an experience in a city is only great in proportion to how your time has been divided. Meaning, a trip to a town is only as good as the variety it offers, and markets provide that in abundance. You may be visiting museums day after day, art galleries, and famous historical sites. But after a while, you’ll want to do something a little more casual.

And that’s where strolls in the parks, gardens, and markets come in. They allow you to take a pause from crossing off attraction after attraction on your list. After all, markets aren’t attractions. They’re just places where locals often come to find good deals, buy their grocery, before parting ways.

Being included in that will make you feel a part of the city’s culture more than any museum attraction could. While crowds are often a deterrence, we invite you to mitigate this issue by visiting the markets early mornings on Saturdays. Doing so will mean you’ll be able to see everything from clearly, and you’ll be able to enjoy your experience more as a result.

So book your stay in London this season, and experience what you’ve been missing with the range of markets in the city.

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