How to Travel from London to Paris

During your trip to London, we recommend taking advantage of the city’s proximity to France and going on a cultural excursion to Paris. You may be surprised to learn that travelling to and from Paris is simple, easy and affordable. Have we peaked your interest? If you’d like to travel to Paris but don’t know where to start organising – Don’t worry. Here’s a quick guide on travel between London and Paris.


There are three main methods of transport to Paris from London: train, coach and plane. The most common and well known method of transport is probably the Eurostar train service that takes you from London St Pancras International directly to the heart of Paris. It’s an easy and efficient service that also goes to Brussels, Lyon and Amsterdam if you’re looking for more day trips ideas during your London visit. The trip is only two hours and fifteen minutes, making it a quick and easy journey that won’t tire you out before you get to Paris.

Fares will be more expensive than cheaper travel options such as coaches. Prices tend to rise and fall throughout the year, so if you’re looking for cheap tickets we recommend booking online weeks (or even months) in advance as Eurostar prices can be unpredictable. Remember, you won’t be able to buy any tickets at the station as seats are reservation only.


If you’re looking for a cheaper travel option to help facilitate your day trip to France, coaches from London to Paris are plentiful. You may have to sacrifice a bit more of your own time (around seven hours to be exact) but the low costs are certainly worth it. Look into companies such as Megabus or Euroline for the deal of a lifetime. They both leave from Victoria Station in central London, making it only a 20-minute tube ride away from Paddington Court accommodation and other luxury hotels.

It’s less time-efficient but it’s more affordable and you will be able to relax and soak in the views of all the new cities you drive through.



Planes are the quickest way to get to Paris. Travel from various Central London airports (including London Heathrow Airport and London City Airport) will get you to Paris in no time at all. This is a fantastic option if you’re just looking for a quick day out adventure in Paris. Book online as soon as possible to get the cheapest tickets available.

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