Hacking your trip in London

Who doesn’t want to hack their way to make the most out of their holiday? With a journey to a city such as London, you’ll need to keep in mind several factors if you want to minimise the cost of your stay. Whether it’s when you book your flight, book your accommodation, and how to plan on spending your money on the countless attractions in the city. But when speak about hacking your trip, we don’t only mean finding ways to make your trip less expensive. We also suggest hacking your way to more convenience, less time stressing about the little things, and more time spent experiencing happiness.

With the Park Grand Paddington Court London, you can experience the best a city has to offer right from your doorstep. A quick walk to Paddington will take you past countless restaurants, Hyde Park, and eventually, Oxford Circus. The hotel near Hyde Park also boasts a range of amenities that include business facilities, premiere hospitality, and an in-house bar and dining venue. Besides, with the inclusive sumptuous continental breakfast, you’ll start of each day in London on your best foot. So what are you waiting for, start hacking your trip to London with the tips we’ve provided.

Another great hack is making a list of three of the attractions/experiences you plan on having on each day of your trip. That way, you’ll always have a plan if perhaps feel a little overwhelmed. We’re not saying you need to schedule everything in advance – but having some idea of what you intend to do on each day gives you a blanket of security. It ensures that you feel confident in this city. Another recommendation we have is to consider booking a London Pass. This will give you automatic entry to many of the premiere attractions in this city – that include Madame Tussauds, and the London Eye to name a few.

So what are you waiting for? Start hacking your trip to London now by booking your luxury hotel in central London well in advance. Also be sure to use flight comparison sites to make sure you get the best deal possible.

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