Great Entertainment near Devonshire Terrace

Devonshire Terrace is a local street near Paddington Station. The Street is filled with pubs, unique shops, and some historic theatres. While you are in London wonder down to Devonshire Terrace and check out some wonderful, local entertainment.

Lord’s Cricket Ground-The Lord’s Cricket Ground has been known as the “home of cricket.” This cricket ground has been the site of many historic victories as well as England batting collapses. Today, it hosts many important matches and is the home of the Middlesex Country Cricket Club, the England and Wales Cricket Board, and the MCC museum. If you are interested in a tour of cricket history, the grounds offer a fantastic guided tour which explores the history of the grounds and the game of cricket. You will even have a chance to sit on the seats occupied by the England Cricket team.  One of the most sought after game tickets are for the Lord’s test matches, mainly the England vs. Australia, the Ashes. During the 2012 Olympics, the Lords Cricket Grounds hosted the Olympic Archery competitions.

Science Museum IMAX

The London Science Museum is one of the rare places where you can get a full cinematic experience in 3D. With a screen ten times bigger than the average theatre screen, a digital surround sound system, and a special multi-dimensional technology of the IMAX format, it certainly is the most remarkable modern cinema in the UK. Given that it is located within the Science Museum, a large portion of the films shows are dedicated to documentaries, prehistoric creatures, space endeavors, and nature films. However, they do show mainstream movies as well as cartoon features. Watching a film here is like being a part of the movie, whether it is in 3D or 2D, it is an adventure the whole family can take part in.

Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music has an impressive list of alumni, including such greats as: Gustav Holist, Andrew Lloyd Webber, James Galway, Benjamin Britten, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Joan Sunderland. Putting on regular concerts in the college’s 19th century halls, they have left their mark on aspiring musicians. Student orchestras and ensembles currently play regular concerts and are very professional. You never know, you could get a chance to spot the next big classical star.

Royal Albert Hall

London’s most prestigious and versatile venues, the Royal Albert Hall holds a large array of events. Everything from rock, pop, classical, or jazz performances to sporting events and banquets, these all take place inside the iconic hall. The hall was commissioned by Prince Albert and opened ten years after his death in 1871. Since its construction, many new upgrades have taken place and it now plays host to the largest pipe organ in the British Isles. The hall can hold 5000 spectators and is usually fully packed for every performance.

News Revue

One of the longest running comic outing in London, the News revue started way back in 1979. The show consists of a two boy and two girls taking the stage and giving a satirical look at the week’s news. The show runs four nights a week and its success is a testament to the talented writers and performers. The theatre sits on top of a great pub, which can be a great place to grab a drink before the show. News revue is right in the middle of Little Venice, giving you a great view of some picturesque canals and decorated barges. The show is ever changing with topical content and fresh performers and writers. Just like the news, the show changes every week and even though the show is written in advance, the performers are known to improvise in the moment.

If you don’t mind jumping on the nearest tube station near Devonshire Terrace, the world famous and the largest antique market, Portobello Market is just a few roads away from Devonshire Terrace.  Going east from Devonshire Terrace, the Tower of London is not far away on the tube or by bus. If you are looking for hotels in Devonshire Terrace, none are as luxuriate as the Paddington Court Executive Rooms. Be sure to stay at our Paddington Court Executive Rooms Hotel and check out our special offers.

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