An Insider’s Guide to Alternative London

With the town being so huge, it’s no surprise that you’ll find a few oddities if you look hard enough. In this post, we’ll take at some of the niche features of London, and the most elaborate spots that are worth taking the time to explore. That way you’ll leave the city knowing far more than you would have otherwise.

With the hotels Paddington station London, which include the Paddington Court Accommodation you can step into the heart of London with luxury. Many of the premiere areas in the city will be all within walking distance. And who doesn’t want that on holiday? While it’s apparently fascinating to experience the public transportation in the town for the first, second, or third time – after that it gets a little tedious. To that end, staying in a venue that brings the city to you is advantageous in so many ways.

Avoid the frantic tourists and visit the Esoterick Collection of Modern Italian Art. It’s found in Islington and boasts a range of Italian art from the period between 1890 and 1950. What makes it distinctive is its focus on modernity. And if you’re looking for a nature retreat, instead of only visiting the Royal Parks, we recommend St Mary’s Secret Gardens. Found in the surprising location of Hackney, it’s a treasure trove of nature; filled with natural woodland, and a beautiful herb garden.

Other than that, why not take a trip to the Secret Cinema. Before going to watch a movie, we often research what the movies are about, what the critics say, and what the overall consensus is on the quality of the movie. Why not change it up for once, and surprise yourself by going into a film with zero expectations. That’s what the Secret Cinema promises – even the locations are unusually surprising!

By visiting any of the sights we’ve looked at, you can do that. And once you return home from the capital, you’ll feel like you’ve taken full advantage of your holiday. Plus, you’ll have a new appreciation for the subtle side to the city, which many overlook.

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