3 Things you need to know about London

London is a city that’s filled with an abundant amount of attractions. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the interesting facts about this city. Unbeknown to many, there’s plenty about this city that often goes amiss. With the information we plan on providing, you’ll appreciate the city in a way that will help foster an even better holiday. For instance, did you know that Big Ben isn’t the name of the clock or the tower? Big Ben is the name of the bell – while the tower itself is called the Elizabeth Tower!

The Accommodations are fabulous

With the Paddington Court Executive Rooms packages, you can nestle yourself in one of the best accommodations in the city. The Paddington Court Executive Rooms hotel provides a range of suites, that cater to any traveller. From the solo traveller, business traveller, or family man or woman. The Hotels Paddington station London has to offer also make it convenient for a quick entry and exit out of the city – using the Heathrow Express train service. It takes just fifteen minutes to get to and from Heathrow using the service!

London has several Skyscrapers

The City of London has various commercial towers. Many of them offer lavishly serviced offices, with exceptional design. With the advent of co-working, they’re rapidly becoming more and more popular. The Shard, the Heron Tower, the Leadenhall building, Broadgate Tower, and Tower 42 are among the best-shared office spaces in the financial district – and are also open to the public. Interestingly, many of the UK’s trading and financial industries are found here, making the area ideal for creating connections with established businesses.

The city has abundant nature

With Hyde Park, Regents Park, and Richmond Park and the eclectic range of gardens in the city – nature is easy to find in this city. Interestingly, London has the largest amount of green space for a capital city in Europe! Book your stay in London this season, and enjoy all these fabulous benefits.

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