Nightlife in London

Top fun things to do on a night out in London

If you’ve decided you want to experience nightlife at its best, then you’ll be doing the right thing by visiting London. It might not be up to Tokyo’s level of nightlife, but the truth is, there’s plenty to see and do at night in London. With a beautiful assortment of attractions, bars, dining venues, and nightclubs – London allows tourists and inhabitants of the city alike to indulge in a fantastic night experience that leaves them feeling excited, fulfilled, and at ease.

Relaxing night out

Consider taking a stroll by the banks of River Thames, before you nestle yourself with your loved in the intimate setting off for a cruise. The experience allows you to delight in the city – with open decks, a café, a commentary and panoramic windows – you’ll be able to appreciate London’s landscape from a different angle.

The Variety in London is unbelievable

There is such a variety of experiences and activities to enjoy at night. That’s the usually the case when you’re visiting a city that’s as eclectic as London – it defies the imagination to such an astonishing degree when you consider just how many options you have.

For a superb accommodation consider the Park Grand Paddington Court London. This accommodation in Paddington is close to many of the top night spots in the city. It’s close to many of the top bars and shisha cafes in the city, especially considering its close to Edgware road to many of the city’s top Arabic restaurants.

For partying, find one of the famous nightclubs such as Cargo – a cool venue housed under railways arches, which features a tasty global street food canteen, or the Corsica Studios, which tends to bring a friendly, indie art crowd. Or perhaps the famous Ministry of Sound, which has been entertaining, guests for more than two decades. Then there’s also the Libertine club. All these venues offer something different, and we recommend you at least try out two to various clubs during your stay in the city if you plan on going out frequently.

While you might have the sentiment of visiting one club often if it’s worked out for you the first time around, your days in the city are not many – so opt for variety!

Whether you’re looking for quirky nightclubs or a club that let you celebrate a special occasion with your friends or family, you’ll have plenty of choices. If however, you’re looking to relax and enjoy the night scene in a more unique manner, then you can enjoy the London eye or experience a view from the Shard tower – which both provides an encapsulating view of the city’s skyline.

There are countless events and festivals across London’s calendar, and it’s very rare to find a club that isn’t packed to the brim on Friday and Saturday nights. Whether you’re into R&B, Pop, Jazz, Hip-hop, Indie, or rock music – there’s something here for everyone. The multicultural spirit behind London has brought a range of styles of music together.

If you’re looking for something a bit more local to central London, then the Southwest 4 music festival in Clapham Common this late August is worth looking into. It’s primarily focused on thumping, exciting electronic and EDM music.

London is filled with musical festivals, gigs and concert – that match anyone’s palate for music. Some of the biggest names in music come to this city to light up the capital, while upcoming artists are always looking to push themselves out there here.

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