How staying near Paddington can make your trip to London better

Many of us might conjure up the image of a courageous, Peruvian bear when we hear the name Paddington, but for millions of people travelling to London each year, it’s an exquisite district to visit. Located in central London and north of the River Thames, the area is nestled between two popular parks, within the prime W2 postcode. A short stroll from Paddington station will lead you to the idyllic Hyde Park and further on, Kensington Gardens, where you can sunbathe and perhaps lick an ice-cream if the weather permits. Nearby, you’ll also find a hotel near Paddington station – known as the Paddington Court Rooms.


This accommodation puts you in the best position to enjoy many of the various attractions in central London. For instance, you can enjoy a calming ride in a colourful canal boat in Little Venice, or observe the beautiful swans and Canadian geese saunter by. If you prefer something a little less serene, then there are plenty of places bustling with activity to visit. Take a short walk down the canal towpath, and you’ll end up in Sheldon Square, a lush Hippodrome with free outdoor ping pong, world class restaurants, and free movie theatre shows in the summer.

Then there is the world famous Merchant Square, an 11-acre mixed use estate not too far from the canal. With a bridge that opens and closes like the blades on a hand-held fan, and the sparkling Grand Union Canal in the centre, this square is not one to be trifled with. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can test your luck navigating through the brilliantly designed water maze, or attend one of the many free events showcased every year.

When you’re done with the fun, you can relax and chow down in one of the many thriving cafes, and restaurants Paddington has to offer. Many opt for a view of the river while eating, so will visit The Summerhouse and The Waterway, which sit next to the canal and offer panoramic views all year round.

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