Enjoy Paddington London’s Executive Rooms

Consider taking a break away from home, by escaping into a refuge that delights at every step of the way. With one of the Paddington Hotels, you can free yourself from routine and experience that luxuriously fantastic holiday you’ve always dreamt about.

The Paddington station has always been synonymous with the loving children’s book character, Paddington Bear. Visitors at the station can find a beautiful bronze state of the Paddington bear under the clock on platform 1, where the Brown family first discovered the bear in the first book. Inside the station, guests will also interestingly be able to locate the world’s only dedicated Paddington bear shop.

London, one of the most cosmopolitan and cultural cities in the world, manages to blend luxury offerings and a profusion of exciting attractions. Renowned as a fashion capital it also plays host to over 200 museums, is the home of theatre, with an extravaganza of West End Plays and Musicals every day of the week, and is only a train-ride away from some of the UK’s most exquisite beaches.

When deciding on a holiday destination, it’s clear that people want to experience different things. Some want culture, some, relaxation; some like hot, others prefer cold. With London’s multi-cultural setting, there truly is something for everyone – and that is reflected in the city’s eclectic mix of hotels right in the heart of the city.

For those looking for a budget yet luxury stay that offers it all, the Paddington Court Rooms are what you’re after. As magical as it is memorable this isn’t your average “luxury”, instead it’s luxury that makes sense; felt in everything the accommodation offers. With proximity to Paddington station, visitors can get use the Heathrow Express train service to arrive in time at the airport, in just fifteen minutes. On top of that, Paddington is close to Europe’s busiest shopping avenue known as Oxford Street.

Visitors will also be close to an incredible variety of Royal parks, gardens, and exciting shopping streets. With hundreds of rooms, a restaurant, and a champagne bar, and a meetings and events room – this venue personifies elegance and absolute convenience. With Paddington station nearby, guests will also have close access to the tube network, which will just about take them wherever they seek to go in London.

Activities in and around the area are numerous; take for instance Merchant Square where you can enjoy street food on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or perhaps consider the canal towpath to Sheldon Square, which features a grassy amphitheatre surrounded by restaurants, outdoor free ping pong, and free big screen shows in the summer.

Or why not also consider a canal boat from Little Venice to Camden, perfect for you to test your balance and hire a paddle board. To that end, for a more visceral immersive boat cruise, consider the River Thames cruise. The experience is magnificently orchestrated to give you unique views of the city’s architecture. Visitors to London often settle for just a bus tour, but by combining a cruise along with a walking tour, you can come out on top.

So often, visitors to the London compromise on their stay by opting for standard accommodations. The hotel above offers package deals that make a luxurious experience in one of the best cities in the world more cost-effective than one might think. Authenticity and relaxation are the values upon which these venues are built, so if you have an eye for originality and quality, consider taking a closer look at the Paddington Court Rooms.

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